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Rainbow Unicorn (Body Scrub)

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Sterling Silver Guaranteed


Guaranteed Sterling Silver Jewel with a minimum RRP of $90

Scent Description: Feel whimsical with fresh combination of sweet wild berries, rich cake batter and swirls of sugar.

HOW TO USE: Rub gently all over your body in circular motions, then rinse off after 2-3 minutes. Use a light body wash to remove excess oil. It will leave your skin glowing with vitality and feeling lovely and soft.

  1. 350g foil sachet
  2. All natural ingredients
  3. 100% Vegan
  4. Cruelty Free
  5. Made in Australia

Ingredients List:

Natural Sea Salt (Sodium Chloride), Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Grapeseed Oil, Fragrance Oil, Natural Preservative (Velsan SC, 1.3-Propanediol, Benzoic Acid), Soap Colour, Biodegradable Glitter

*Test on small area of skin first, if any irritation occurs

How it Works?


Remove some scrub & exfoliate your skin.


Dig deep into that scrub pouch to find your hidden jewel.


Show your new gem off to your friends. #RoyalEssence