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5 Qualities That All Great Candles Possess

August 01, 2016 2 min read

5 Qualities That All Great Candles Possess

Asking what makes a great candle can elicit a wide range of answers from different people. However, for professional candle makers, the difference between a good and a great candle lies in these five qualities.

A great candle has a clean and quality wax.

The foundation of a candle starts with the wax it uses, and a great type does not compromise quality for anything. Simply put, great candles don’t settle for any less. Some well-known waxes include soy, paraffin, and beeswax.

A great candle uses a good wick.

Using a good wick involves choosing the right size. We want a candle that does not tunnel. Also, a good wick provides you with a consistent flame size, a moderate temperature, and little to no carbon deposits. A good wick is also safe, meaning it is lead-free.

A great candle uses the best oils.

When talking scented candles, we always want what scatters and lasts. A great candle does not use harmful substances to smell nice, but makes use of high quality fragrance and essential oils.

A great candle is sheltered in a heatproof container.

Candles are used to provide only a dose of warmth. Great candles are enclosed inside heat proof containers that don’t scald hands when touched. In choosing the right container, we must remember to avoid those that are prone to cracking and burning.

A great candle find the balance in all four.

Having a clean wax won’t make sense if the wick is not good, and getting the scent that you want won’t be worth it if your safety is compromised. In short, a great candle does not pride itself only for a good characteristic or two. Instead, it combines all four qualities together to give us the best candle lighting experience.

Remember: like a great candle, do not settle for anything less. Be patient about choosing and you’ll eventually find the right one.