Champagne Toast

Sterling Silver Guaranteed
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Christmas Collection 2021

Three Wick Soy Candle 400g

Guaranteed 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery Surprise Inside
90-100 Hour Burn Time

Scent Description: Celebrate this season with a scent you'll want to raise a glass to! Crisp and evervescent pink grapefruit combined with sparkling champagne and juicy red currant.

Feel the whimsy with five limited edition scents that will remind you of home and add a twinkle to the Yuletide season. Our Christmas 2021 Collection is housed in a stunning glass jar with an iridescent finish to bring magic to your home decor all-year round!

Each candle contains a generous 400 gram natural soy wax that has 90-100 hours of burn time. With a much cleaner burn and amazing fragrance throw, these candles are perfect for gifting! This candle also treasures a gorgeous sterling silver jewellery inside for an experience like no other. 

*Props in the photo are not included*

*The jewellery you will discover inside this candle is not necessarily the same colour or design as pictured online: as it is a lucky dip, we bring the element of surprise in each product *

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